Bojhan Somers - product strategy, research and design

How can I help you?

I can help you create products that provide a delightful user experience. Collaborating with your team to build out the fundamentals for developing new propositions, evaluating business impact and measuring value creation.

Product Strategy

Creating a tailored approach that helps you map opportunities, analyse the viability of new propositions to priorities features, plan execution and measure the value created across products.

Using design to build a shared understanding what the experience should be like, and how each step on the roadmap is getting us closer to the proposition that delivers most user and business value.


User research

Helping you uncover and map the complexities of customer needs and frustrations to guide your process for improving and creating products. Building out a systematic approach with your team to continuously evaluate new ideas and measure existing offerings.


Interaction design

Creating concepts that provide clarity on direction and harmonize user needs and business value. Using a structured approach to provide robust and data driven design decisions.

Applying my technical know-how to ensure that designs are realistic, accessible and incorporate best-practices leveraging (open-source) technologies.