Bojhan Somers - product strategy, research and design


Drupal is a opensource content management system with over a million users. I have and contributed to many initiatives and leading up the UX-Team.


Drupal is a highly flexible tool, empowering site builders to build and quickly iterate websites. However this flexibility creates many challenges.

  1. Design often happens after development.
  2. Technology focused, UX not seen as adoption blocker.
  3. Lack of continuous user voice in the process.


To enable more users to leverage the power and flexibility of Drupal by improving the user experience of core site building concepts.

  1. Establishing standardised process for solving UX challenges.
  2. Building community wide understanding of UX.
  3. Continuous evaluation of new developments.

Advocate of the user

Continuously engaging the community in building an understanding of user desires and behaviours in using Drupal. Creating viable strategies for integrating and advocating common user experience practices into technical oriented processes.

Community management

Over the course of several years, I've helped build and grow the User Experience community of Drupal. Creating a process that allows for User Experience to be an integrated part of each new development.

Encouraging and supporting new contributors to participate in bringing Drupal's User Experience to the next level.


Guiding the process of several large initiatives (D7UX) that have a disruptive impact on the community and the product from proposal to final implementation.

Within the development process I am a Topic Maintainer of User Experience for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Contributing to over 300 recorded changes (commits) to Drupal.

My major contributions are:

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 - July, 2011
Co-author of the User Experience chapter